One pair per winner. 5 winners in total.


Winners may not belong to the same company. Winners will be asked for their postal address to send a tracked parcel from France.


Delivery time will depend on the postal services after a shipment between 20 and 30 January 2023. Participants will be asked to provide their shoe size in order to personalise their prize. While stocks last.


Notify will not be held responsible in case of unavailability of the product, an incident during delivery, or any other problem with the product or the use of the product. Free game with no obligation to buy. Indicative value of a pair of Puma Gazelle 50 to 90 $.


For further information: All rights reserved.

Validate your participation. 5 winners will be drawn on January 20th and will receive their pair of red Puma Gazelle !

thank you ;)