We are 10 years’ old and haven't aged a bit!

Adlead is 10 years’ old this year.

Indeed … Since our inception in 2006, we have lived through exciting adventures, wonderful encounters, and so much more. We finally took the time to say thank you to all our employees, partners, and friends who make the agency the success that it is on a daily basis.

On February 11, more than 200 of you were present. We pulled out all the stops – a sushi bar, an award-winning chef at the buffet, champagne and cocktails … and one lucky person was the winner of two business tickets to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil!

Again, thank you all for having shared this occasion with us. You were all so wonderful that we immortalized everything here. Rest assured that you haven’t aged a bit either.

10 years is also a time of change for adlead.
We have upgraded everything: a new design, new offices, a new technological platform …
We intend to start off this new decade on the right foot, with a promise of more innovations, performances, and adventures for years to come.

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