Notify•, Real Time and AI at the service of marketing effectiveness

Optimize your marketing actions thanks to Notify data that lets you address your customer base or recruit a prospective customer base at the right moment.

Addressing your target audience at the right moment pushes up all the indicators by 40 to 60%. The challenges of CRM and acquisition are to reduce the bounce rate and to optimize contactability of customer bases respectively. We have solved these problems.

Notify for CRM

Real Time and AI allow Notify to determine the best moment to trigger an e-mail, a push notification or an outgoing telephone call. On average, this means almost 50% more effectiveness.

Notify mail

Trigger mailing only when your customer / prospective customers is online on their Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Notify call

Trigger your telephone calls when your customer / prospective customer is using their Smartphone.

Notify mobile push

Trigger your push in-app notifications when your customer / prospective customer is browsing on their Smartphone.

It’s our customers who speak the most highly of it…

Mobile device: manage marketing pressure thanks to real time.


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How to proceed


Select the database to process in real time


Set up your campaign in your mail client


Optimize your automatic mail scheduler thanks to the Notify feed

What are the immediate advantages?

Real Time lets you:

Activate inactive databases
in complete security

Optimize the open rate
of e-mails or push notifications

Optimize customer filecontactability
by telephone

Notify• for Acquisition

Design and optimize bundled powerful acquisition systems that centre on approach, data, customer knowledge and user experience.

1,8 million recruited profiles in 2017 (…)


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3 acquisition systems:

— 1
Website systems

Thanks to Notify data, transform your unique visitors into collected e-mail opt-ins 7 times more quickly

— 2
Events system

Acquire masses of committed opt-in prospective customers with qualifying and aesthetic operations.

— 3
E-mail marketing systems

E-mail marketing is a powerful and dependable channel when data processing is used to drive it. Notify wisely invested in this channel in order to systematically position your mail in the most recent messages of your target’s inbox, and thus… significantly boost your e-mail marketing operation indicators.

They trust us:

How Notify• technology works

Internet traffic is divided among thousands of websites. Notify and its partners concentrate this traffic to make it accessible to those wishing to take advantage of Real Time and AI to address their prospective customers at the right moment, in order to achieve both acquisition and customer loyalty.

Deployed with leading media partners who are also audience hubs (Allociné, Prisma Média, BFM TV…), Notify technology cross-checks in real time brand name databases with the 20 million unique monthly profiles of these leading media. The connection to these media websites, of a person already in contact with the brand name, is what conditions the mailing of a message.